A collection of random things that keep me off the streets.

Sumerian Beer

The covid lockdowns were the ideal time to learn how to brew beer. I've been making both traditional and 'strange' beers in this time. Perhaps the most ambicious of which was brewing ancient Sumerian beer. You can find more about that here.

Dungeons and Dragons writing

I started as a freelance writer for Dungeons and Dragons 5E in 2019 and have achieved moderate success since then, a short CV can be found here.

General Relativity Christmas card

10 years of Christmas Cards

I started a tradition of making custom science related Christmas cards in my last year of high school. Each year had a theme that was either based on some astronomical or physical phenomenon. At first the cards were distributed digitally only, these days I also print a few dozen of them each year. These cards and a short explanation can be viewed here.

Atari 2600 Games

Astronomer Cartridge and ManualI very much enjoy playing and collecting for the Atari 2600, I own about 100 original game cartridges and as of 2018 I create my own games for the system. After more than 40 years the Atari 2600 still has a very active community with several new homebrew games being released each year.

My own games as of now are Astronomer 2600 and Monkey King. The games have their own pages so you can find more information there.

Gameboy Camera Astrophotography

Alex with gameboyAlthough not very historical, I managed to observe Jupiter, its moons and our own Moon with a Game Boy Camera. This project is described here. While being meant as a 'weekend project' this topic resonated with the internet and went viral shortly after going online. It has been covered on over 60 news websites in over 12 languages, as far as I have been able to find manually. The most notable sources are Sky and Telescope and Gizmodo.

It has also been featured in 'De Ingenieur' which is a national technical magazine.
        De Ingenieur - Edition: August 2017, Page: 64

3D shooter game

3d shooter game In the last year of High school (2009) I made a 3D shooter game together with Steve Zhang as part of an IT class project. The game is made in Game Maker and as of now still playable on all windows versions. The game is simply called '3D Game' and follows the adventures of a man who got stuck in a virus ridden digital world. It uses a scaled up version of the generic 3D engine that was available for Game Maker at that time and relies on paint and doom graphics.

You aim with the mouse, walk with the WASD keys and jump with space. Chose a weapon with the number keys or the scroll wheel.

For historical reasons I wanted to share this here: ShooterGame.exe
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