Dungeons and Dragons Publications

I am a freelance DnD 5E writer with about a dacade of experience. Not only do I write stories for personal use, I also wrote for several kickstarters and 3rd party companies like the Skies of Sordaine, Pennydragon and DoubleCritical. Many of these works are published, or on their way to be published in the near future. Additionally I helped many people develop their ideas and written stuff for them from scratch via my Fiverr page. Besides that I am working on my own game setting based on Slavic mythology under the brand 'CoolCrab Adventures'. Currently adventures and other content related to this are on my Patreon and DriveTruRPG, but I hope to turn it into a book one day.
An overview of my published work can be found below.

Freelance Writing:


    2021 - Aziendore's vault of tragic treasure (Kickstarter) - Adventure about a failed necromancer who find an item that helps him live his dark dream, part of the main book.
    2021 - Adventures in Oz (Kickstarter) - Adventure about shadow monsters that invade Oz, part of the main book.
    2020 - The Wizard's Dice tower (Kickstarter) - a 3 part campaign about a cursed wizard and his daughter that came with a 3rd party Lego set.
    2019 - Adventures for Dragon Nest  (Site) - a trio of stories for Dragon Nest, my first commercial adventures. 

Other Content:

    2021 - Mag of Holding #2 (Kickstarter) - Dice games for pirate themed magazine.
    2021 - Mag of Holding #1 (Kickstarter) - Cage fighting mechanics for cold weather themed magazine.
    2020 - Skies of Sordane (Kickstarter) - Lore, science consulting and monster writing.

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